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About the Maquatua Inn

Owned by Tawich Development Corporation, the Maquatua Inn was established in 1989 to accommodate tourist, travelers, and regional visitors.

Maquatua Inn is located at the mouth of the Maquatua River in Wemindji which is on the eastern shore of James bay, the largest inland sea in the world. The hotel also has a restaurant and boutique filled with arts and crafts made by local artists.

Maquatua Inn is a modern 2 star hotel that offers a total of 30 rooms in two different buildings. The reception staff is fully trained and can accommodate to whatever needs their clients may require. Maquatua Inn offers respectable quality hotel services to northern travelers.






Cultural Activities

  • image Wemindji’s Cultural Village is a new development with a purpose to revitalize, and preserve the Cree culture. Read More

    Cultural Village

  • image Old factory is located just 25km south of Wemindji, and it is where people once lived before Wemindji was first established in 1959. Read More

    Old Factory Visit

  • image The Community of Wemindji has an annual blueberry festival where people can participate in. Read More

    Blue Berry Festival

  • image The snowshoe journey is a 3-4 week journey learning about the land, hunting, trapping and living off the land. Read More

    Snowshoe Journey

  • image Ceremonies are an important component in the Cree society where every milestone of a child’s development is celebrated with a feast and expression of happiness. Read More

    Ceremonies and Feasts

  • image An festival is organized to celebrate the anniversary of Wemindji, which is held in July every other year. Read More

    Music Festival

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